Bricks & Decorative Rocks in San Jose, CA

Homeowners love brick’s versatility—myriad patterns are possible, from rectangular to round. Reclaimed brick, though typically more expensive, has grown in popularity owing to its “green” status and unique look.

A time-tested, enduringly popular patio building material is clay brick, which offers a distinguished aesthetic that complements both traditional and more modern designs.

Over time, bricks can generally retain their rich, warm color, and due to their handy weight and size, installing them in a patio is a do it yourself type of project for those willing to jump in. Mortar is not strictly necessary; bricks can be laid easily on a dry bed of sand.

Have a large project? We can help by delivering the products for you. Make sure to inquire about costs and delivery schedule before placing your order.

McNear Bricks

MCNEAR Brick Peacock Standard Solid
MCNEAR Brick Green Hills Standard Solid

McNear Red Flashed Brick Split
MCNEAR Green Hills Standard Split